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Mind over 2018 Matters

Mind over 2018 Matters

Welcome to the new year! Fresh starts. My absolute favorite. My theme for the first month of the new year is the ever popular but absolutely most important topic of, mindfulness.  There’s a lot of hub-bub about resolutions and sticking to this and that. January gyms fill up, february they empty out.  March their bare once more and will remain that way until late December.  Whatever you call your 2018 resolutions, goals, or maybe intentions, there is one you must absolutely commit to and it’s mindfulness.  If this is not your top priority in 2018 you might as well throw anything you want to accomplish out the window.  Too harsh? Hear me out. I’m going to answer the big 3, what, why, and how.

It’s the most simple, life changing thing you can do in 2018.

What is mindfulness?

Why should I practice mindfulness?

How do I practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply quieting the mind. Letting go of all the chatter & noise that is constantly streaming through our lives 24/7. Our bodies and minds weren’t created to take in and hold as much stimuli as our current world provides.  It’s crucial to unplug and allow silence for a period of time each day, our brains and bodies literally cry out for this.  Tired eyes working at a computer.  All day exhaustion. Poor or inability to sleep.

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  Improves sleep and immune function.  The practice of mediation improves your response to daily stresses and triggers, meaning you react the way you want to react and not with only your emotions. The benefits come with meditation in as little as 1 minute per day.  Surely you can carve out that kind of time.

Now to the most important questioned posed here. How do I meditate? This may be the most daunting but I promise it’s the most easy to do.  Sit down in a quiet space (it may even be a bathroom).  Sit on the floor or in a chair, wherever you’re most comfortable. Take a few deep breaths.  Let go of all of your thoughts, ideas, opinions, whatever is racing around your mind, let it all go. Focus on your breath, in and out. You may set the timer on your phone or you may just sit there until you can’t sit there any longer.  The most you practice the easier it will become to lengthen your meditation practice.

Now here are a few of my favorite mediation tools!

App- Headspace

App- Insight Timer

YouTube- Gabby Bernstein Guided Mediations 

Try these out, let me know what works best for you! It can take some trial and error.  There are so many ways to mediation and none of them are better or worse! Just practice, find what works best to quiet your mind.  Even just 1 minute a day.  I promise you’ll see benefit with 1 minute!

I wish you the happiest, healthiest, calmest 2018! Happy New Year’s Eve!

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