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Stress-less Adaptogens

Stress-less Adaptogens

I love adaptogens they’re little God created substances that work in sync with our body and supports your body’s natural function to deal with various demands such as stress! Stress effects our body in so many negative ways.  Stress can effect every single body function.  It can create blood pressure issues, headaches, low energy, inaccurate pain response, racing heart, sporadic breathing, low sex drive, stomach aches, increased depression risk, fertility issues, muscle tension… the list could go on. Over times stress increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, & obesity.

Maca, rhodiola, and ashwaganda are the top adaptogens to improve’s the body response to stress.

Maca – the ultimate female adaptogen, full of minerals and fatty acids which supports hormone synthesis. Maca can decrease PMS symptoms, improved skin, and possible increase in fertility (in both men and women)

  • 1 t of Maca powder goes into my daily morning smoothie.

Rhodiola & Ashwaganda– both improves thyroid & adrenal function, this supports your body’s natural stress response.

  • Rhodiola – I use rhodiola in tincture form, I squeeze a couple drops into a few tablespoons of water and swish around in my mouth for a few minutes and swallow (also comes in pill form)
  • Ashwaganda- like maca, I use this adaptogen in powder form in my daily smoothies


Dealing with stress is inevitable in today’s world.  These adaptogens are a beautiful way to support the body but they are no substitute for healthy relationships.  Healthy relationships, even just 1 person you can lean on and confide in during tough times is irreplaceable.  If you need to talk about the stress in your life and ways to manage, feel free to reach out by emailing me directly at gloeenhealth@gmail.com!



Disclaimer: this post along with any information I write about on my website is purely educational and you (along with your practitioner) must make your own informed decisions if these supplements or adaptogens are appropriate for your body.  I personally have benefited from using many of these adaptogens and supplements and I like to share any information that may benefit others. Each body is different and reacts differently to these powerful substances. Take caution, talk to your doctor, and if you do want to start using these adaptogens in your life start by using small portions (1/4 t. is a good starting point for many of these adaptogens). Further questions comment or shoot me an email!




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