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Fertility Roadblocks

Fertility Roadblocks

The body is complex. The World we live in is complex.  It can make it really tough when we’re trying to accomplish a health goal, especially one as big as trying to conceive.  I’m going to run through a list of a few of the top known causes of difficult fertility (I really don’t enjoy the term “infertility” but I’ll use it on occasion).

Ovulation Disorder/Poor egg health – This is the top cause(s) that I personally like to focus on. Disorders can stem from issues with the endocrine glands (stress), poor nutrition/lifestyle choices,  low/high body weight, genetic makeup, damage to organs, age, or long term birth control use. Many ovulation & egg health disorders can be resolved in time with proper diet and lifestyle changes.  Avoiding dairy and gluten is huge when dealing with ovulation disorders.

Low Sperm Count & Health – Causes of low sperm count include chemo, illness, poor lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, drug use, etc), or possible damage. Fun Fact: 25% of infertility is linked to low sperm count and poor health! It’s just as important for the man to take care of his body as it is the female!

Blocked fallopian tubes– (This is the tube that carries the egg down into the uterus) Causes might include history of STDs, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or ectopic pregnancy.

Endometriosis – Uterine lining that does not fully shed during menstruation.  This lining can attach in other areas in the body outside of the uterus and when menstruation occurs this lining bleeds in other areas of the body. 34-50% female only infertility is linked to endometriosis! That’s a huge percentage – endometriosis is not fully curable for most women (in childbearing years) but can be greatly affected by healthy lifestyle factors.

PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a pretty wide term for a female hormone imbalance, mainly because women’s symptoms vary greatly. This may present itself as menstrual cycle irregularities, weight gain, insulin resistance, skin problems, small cysts in the ovaries, and excessive body hair or possibly thinning head hair.

Anti-sperm antibodies – Before diving into all my Women’s Health Coaching research I’ll be honest I never heard of a woman’s immune system attacking the man’s sperm. A man’s own immune system can also attack it’s own sperm. Another crazy fact: 70% of men who get a vasectomy will develop this disorder.

Epididymis blockage – Variocele’s (similar to varicose veins) are the number one cause of epididymal blockages.  These veins must be removed surgically.  Blockages can also be caused by STDs, which must be treated quickly to prevent permanent damage.

Lastly, there is about 15% of infertility cases that are termed “unexplained”, meaning there are no found causes of the inability to conceive.  I hate that statistic the most. If you’re struggling with getting pregnant or if you’re wanting to dial in your lifestyle choices because you want to have a healthy pregnancy in the future, comment below or email me! Let’s connect!

I love researching and taking a look at things from all angles but one article that touches on this topic and goes into even further detail can be found here, from one of my favorite websites natural-fertility-info.com



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