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‘Shroom Life

‘Shroom Life

You can skip over this post if the title really offends you out. But bare with me, there’s nothing offensive about this post and I promise it’s health related. Mushrooms are rumored to be 2017’s biggest health and wellness trend and I have a feel they aren’t done in the spot light.  We will also gloss over the fact they’ve been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years.

I’m going to quickly break down my favorite ‘shrooms and why to give them a try.  This has been a trend that I was super suspicious of trying at first but it has been hands down the most impactful.  I feel almost immediate effects from using these elixirs (and not the high, illegal sort of effects).

I’m going to run down the 4 ‘shrooms I’ve personally tried and love:

Reishi- Comes in many different colors but the red and black varieties boast the greatest health benefits.  The red and black varieties have higher concentrations of immune-supporting triterpenes and polysaccharides. Reishi soothe nerves and stimulates healthy sleep cycles.  The biggest benefits I have personally noticed are managing stress easier and having a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Cordyceps- are known know for their boost in athletic performance, immune support, and (the holy grail in my opinion of this shroom is) improving liver function which is the body main detox pathway.  Can’t have healthy hormones if you have old, stale ones still circulating in the body.

Lion’s Mane- known as the “smart” mushroom, Lion’s Mane supports brain function and health. It’s been shown to improve nerve regeneration and is being used in Alzhiemer’s and Parkinson’s studies. Like Reishi, Lion’s Mane is also excellent for combating anxiety and depression.

Chaga- can take up to 20 years to fully mature and age, it’s more potent the older it is. Compared to the other mushrooms this mushroom thrives in cold, tundra-like climates.  Chaga is often brewed as a tea or ground into a powder for stimulating and supporting the immune system.

All of my knowledge about ‘shrooms has been gained from the ever popular, Four Sigmatic mushroom company that holds super high quality standards of their mushrooms. They do a fabulous job marketing. They currently have a black friday/cyber monday deal going on, swipe a few of my favorite (soon to be your favorites) while they’re on sale! They’re not ‘cheap’ but they are way more affordable and nutritious than that crap cup of Starbucks you may drink.

My hands down favorite product is the Mushroom Coffee Mix called Think with Lion’s Mane & Chaga.  If you try one mushroom product, let it be this one (if you consume coffee). I mix mine with a little Whole30 approve NutPods (coconut, almond creamer milk blend). If you do not consume coffee try one of their elixirs, the Chaga Elixir is fabulous. And I’ll be trying their Adaptogen and Beauty blends through the sale they’re currently running! You can also find Four Sigmatic products at Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, and Natural Grocers!

Sorry to be sale-sy but I just love these products so much I had to throw a plug in! 🙂

Let me know some of your favorites!

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