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My Supplement Organization

My Supplement Organization

I organize my life.  Right now sitting at my desk I can see the shoes at our door neatly stacked.  The coat closet looks like a feature in a Martha Stewart Magazine.  The pillows are perfectly placed on the couch.  I’m an organizer.  I organize everything. Literally everything.  One thing that I always make sure to have organized are my supplements.  I don’t take them if they aren’t in sight and laid out so it’s easy to grab and swallow.

I have two methods:

-Bottle cap labels

I label the cap of each bottle with how many times a day and when I need to take each supp.  I get a lot of my supplements recommended from my functional practitioner through exams and testing. 

For example: I 2 digestive enzymes with each meal, then 4 tabs before bed.  How am I suppose to remember I take my enzyme at these times vs my adrenal support support

I write 2-2-2-4 then above the numbers I list B-L-D-PM (breakfast, lunch, dinner, pm/before bed).  

Easy peasy lemon squeeze-y.

-My ol’ granny AM/PM pill sorter

I got this cheap pill sorter from Target.  It has a AM/PM section so my morning and nighttime supplements go into this container.  These include my vitamin D, prenatals, vitamin C, glutathione, basically – the basics.  I take my more specialized vitamins straight out of the (labeled lid) bottle because they are a little more sensitive to the moisture in my bathroom.

My methods work for me.  If you try them out let me know or let me know how you organize your own supplement routines! Leave a comment. Let’s connect!


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