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My daily handful of pre-conception vitamins

My daily handful of pre-conception vitamins

We all lead busy lives. I get it. So here is one place you can gather information boiled down for busy women, like me, to digest and form your own opinions about. Starting the baby making process is daunting, there’s a ton of info out there.  Cleaning up my supplement list was the first thing I did when my husband and I decided to make the jump to start “not trying to try to have a baby”!  This by no means is my everything list, but it’s my essentials list… let’s say “deserted on a desert island vitamin list“. I really love the Better Baby Book, which is where I gathered much (not all) of my information when sorting out my vitamin questions.


Vitamin C–  (ascorbic acid) acts as an antioxidant and helps with collagen creation which what is build a baby

Vitamin B Complex– Includes the major B5 (pantothenic acid), B9 (folate not folic acid), & B12 (methylocobalamin) that help prevent neural tube defects in infants

Vitamin D3– (cholecalciferol) essential building block of hormones, boost immune system, encourages healthy brain and nervous systems

Probiotic- to avoid intestinal imbalances, improve nutrient absorption

Krill Oil– high in omega3s & the omega3 fatty acid called DHA which is an important factor in brain communication, evidence is low but leans towards a diet higher in DHA helps fetal brain development

Coenzyme Q10– antioxidant which helps the body combat harmful free radicals we’re exposed to in every day life

Magnesium– some evidence points to higher magnesium levels improve morning sickness, also encourages deep sleep through muscle relaxation, and in taken in combination with Calcium (strongly encouraged) helps baby build strong bones


Disclaimer: These supplements are in addition to a healthy, well balanced diet (DEFINED BY YOU). With current farming practices and today’s less than ideal environmental conditions leading to poorer soil and in turn less nutrient dense foods (even organic),  whole food supplements are a wonderful addition to every diet especially when thinking about starting a family! Please leave a comment and let me know your favorite supplements and/or future topics!

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